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The contributions of rural communities are a foundation of our country’s economy and society. Through good times and bad, they don’t let us down. It's critical that our doctors, GPs, nurses and allied health practitioners take care of themselves so that they can keep our rural communities healthy.

#RuralHealthTogether is an initiative of NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) to provide rural health professionals with self-care support and access to mental health-related information, both for themselves and for their patients.

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Online course: Mental Health Disorders Training for Rural Practitioners

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine provides this four-week online course, which has a focus on rural and remote Australia.

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Rural Adversity in Mental Health Program (RAMHP) mental health nurse, Steve Carrigg

Mental health support for fire affected communities

Mental health services and support is available for individuals and communities affected by the recent bushfires in Northern NSW.

Rural Adversity in Mental Health Program (RAMHP) mental health nurse, Steve Carrigg, said people could be at an increased risk of developing anxiety and depression after a traumatic event, but help was available.

“Following any disaster, it is normal for people to feel overwhelmed, worry a lot more than usual, have trouble concentrating and making decisions, and become tearful,” Steve said.

“People may also have trouble with sleep, bad dreams and may experience a loss of appetite. They may start to question their own decisions during and after the event, which is all normal behaviour.

“By knowing what emotional responses to expect, and how to look after your own mental health and support loved ones, you can reduce the risk of developing mental health issues in the aftermath of a traumatic event.”

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